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When using our logo, make sure you are giving it enough breathing room.

Social Media

To keep StoryFire consistent & easily identified across all platforms- including our own -new & branded appearances have been made for our flame.


The StoryFire Brand colors

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Story RedClick to copy
Fire YellowClick to copy
GradientClick to copy
(L) Story red, (R) fire yellow, at 45Deg angle


We only use Poppins, because it pops :)

PoppinsGoogle/Adobe Fonts

Primary Typeface

What not to do

The StoryFire logo is our image, it’s our homely flame that we adore, but use it in the right way!

Do not use both colored versions of the logo
Do not change the scale of a single mark
Do not put the marks beside each other
Do not add a drop shadow to the logo
Do not change the color or gradient
Do not rotate the logo
Do not take apart the SF logo
Do not flatten the SF to solid colors
Do not place the logo in a shape or container
Do not flip the logo
Do not place the SF on a gradient
Do not change the typeface of the word mark
Do not use the SF to replace any letter
Do not use a single mark from the SF logo
Do not try to capitalise the word mark
Do not try to replicate the SF with different fonts
Do not use the logo in low contrast
Do not change ANY of our marks
Do not use an older version of our logo