Blaze Token

The Blaze token, represented by a distinctive icon and logo variant, is the cryptocurrency that powers StoryFire.

Blaze Logo

  • Employ for marketing materials, promotional content, and official documents that require a more prominent display of the Blaze currency.
  • Suitable for usage in larger digital displays, such as website headers or cryptocurrency exchange listings (If visibility is not affected)

Blaze Icon

  • Use for in-app currency displays, wallet icons, and transaction indicators.
  • Ideal for small-scale applications where space is limited, like mobile screens or user interface icons.

Logo Spacing

Maintaining the integrity of the StoryFire logo includes respecting the space around it. Proper spacing ensures our logo's visibility and impact.


Color is a powerful tool for brand recognition. The StoryFire brand colors have been carefully selected to convey our vibrant and creative spirit.

(L) Story red, (R) fire yellow, at 45Deg angle


Typography is an essential aspect of our brand’s visual identity. It communicates our message with clarity and establishes a consistent brand voice across all mediums.

PoppinsGoogle/Adobe Fonts

Primary Typeface


The StoryFire logo represents our collaborative and innovative spirit. It's important that our logo is displayed correctly with our partners to maintain the integrity of our brand identity.

storyfire word mark with partner logo
storyfire letter mark with partner logo

What not to do!

When using the StoryFire brand elements, there are specific practices to avoid to maintain the integrity of the brand.

Do not use both colored versions of the logo
Do not change the scale of a single mark
Do not put the marks beside each other
Do not add a drop shadow to the logo
Do not change the color or gradient
Do not rotate the logo
Do not take apart the SF logo
Do not flatten the SF to solid colors
Do not place the logo in a shape or container
Do not flip the logo
Do not place the SF on a gradient
Do not change the typeface of the word mark
Do not use the SF to replace any letter
Do not use a single mark from the SF logo
Do not try to capitalise the word mark
Do not try to replicate the SF with different fonts
Do not use the logo in low contrast
Do not change ANY of our marks
Do not use an older version of our logo