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The Critic

Wondering how you can upload to StoryFire? Or what the Critic is? Well the Critic allows you to upload a trailer of your content & much like everything else on StoryFire, the community will then decide if you should unlock video upload.

Apply for Video

To become a video creator on StoryFire, you must first have an account on StoryFire. Once you have an account you can Apply to the Critic.


For your best shot at becoming a video creator we made some tips, that we know the community likes to see in applications:

  • Video under 60 seconds
  • a Short Title
  • a Short Description
  • Catch thumbnail (Soon)
  • Commentary

Apply for critic


Being a Critic

You can also become a critic, being some one who has a role in deciding what content should and shouldn't be on the platform. It's also an easy & fun way to make blaze.

How to be a critic

However you cannot jump straight in to being a critic, & earning blaze. Only users that have at least 5,000 blaze in their wallet. This is so we filter out people making accounts to upvote their critic video.