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What is a Representative?

Representatives on StoryFire play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the community and the platform's development team. Their primary responsibility is to represent the interests and perspectives of the community, ensuring that users have a say in the evolution and improvement of the platform.

Responsibilities of Representatives

Representatives are entrusted with various duties to enhance the user experience for both viewers and creators:

  • Gathering Bug Reports: They collect and relay bug reports from the community to the development team.
  • Community Liaison: Representatives communicate the community's views and needs to the developers, ensuring that user feedback is heard.
  • Feature Development: They prioritize and develop ideas for future features to improve StoryFire, focusing on enhancing the overall experience.
  • Professionalism: Maintaining professionalism, especially in emotionally charged situations, and pursuing positive outcomes.
  • Equality and Fairness: Treating all members and groups equally without preferential treatment.
  • Transparency and Honesty: Being open and honest with the community is a cornerstone of their role.
  • Support for Moderation: While they assist in moderation, they do not interfere with its processes.
  • Conflict Resolution: In case of disagreements among representatives, issues are resolved through simple voting or polling.

Read the Representative charter for more info, here

How to Become a Representative

Every year, StoryFire conducts an election to select new Representatives who will champion the voice of our community. Here's how you can become one:

  • Eligibility: To stand for election as a Representative, you must be an active member of the StoryFire community and meet any specific criteria set for candidates.
  • Application: Interested members should keep an eye out for announcements regarding the election. The application process typically involves submitting your candidacy via a video, along with a brief outline of how you plan to represent the community.
  • Election Period: The election begins on a specified date and runs for two weeks. During this period, community members will have the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidates.
  • Vote Count and Announcement: At the end of the voting period, votes are tallied, and the top candidates are selected based on the highest number of votes received. The results are announced on the platform, typically in the written section of StoryFire.
As we approach the next election for StoryFire Representatives, more detailed information on the election process and voting guidelines will be provided. Your participation is crucial in shaping the future of our community!

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